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Who we are.

A group of Freemasons who wish to return to the traditional observance of the craft. Our founding Brethren wish to observe the core rituals and study of our Mysteries. We believe a return to ancient values and teachings will enhance the Masonic experience and assist in Our personal journey through Lodge and Life.

In the late spring of 2013 a group of like minded Freemasons led by W.B. Mark Toon met with the goal of forming a traditional lodge of observance. Each wanted to make the meeting a special occurance to look forward to. Each wanted to grow in the knowledge that is within our ritual. Each wanted to make the lodge meeting a place to learn.
Our defined goals are threefold:

  • Traditional Observance.
  • Contemplation and Meditation.
  • Education and Knowledge.

Several formative meetings were held in Okotoks to define the direction, format and to name the Lodge. With the support of Corinthian Lodge #22, application was made to the Grand Lodge of Alberta. On August 8, 2013 (AL 6013) our Grand Master, the Most Worshipful Brother John G. Cameron allowed Lodge Pythagoras to meet under dispensation.

Our Purpose

Members of Lodge Pythagoras 345 believe that the foremost purpose of our Lodge is to provide an atmosphere where good men can unite together in a common pursuit of virtue in service to God and enlightenment of the individual psyche. The work of our Lodge is not to review minutes or bills, or plan social or philanthropic activities; but rather to create a philosophical atmosphere where the Brethren can learn the lessons from within and without Freemasonry and how they can be infused into the development and transformation of the individual Mason.

We refer to these lessons as Masonic Individuation, which is the ever continuing process of spiritual and intellectual formation that all Freemasons must undergo in order to know themselves and thereby know the universe and become closer to the Creator Of All Things. Individuation is different than Masonic Education in that it refers to a process of growth concerned with the spiritual more than intellectual faculties. It is a constant transformation of the self through numinous understanding and learning the veiled uses and implications of Masonic symbols, rituals, and teachings and how they apply to our character.

Traditional Observance

Lodge Pythagoras 345 follows the Traditional Observance form in working the rituals. We practice the Ancient York Rite using the long version (1910) ritual as approved by the Grand Lodge of Alberta. As our meetings are meant to be a respite from the outside world we focus on the solemnity of what we do in lodge and aspire to perfection in the work.

Our observance is affected by the solemn attitude in how we approach communications and in the conferring degrees. Before opening, our meetings are prefaced with a period of meditative reflection. After closing, we form a Chain of Union reminding us of the strength of our ties.

Pythagoras Lodge uses the term Agape rather than Festive Board to describe the meal which precedes our meeting. Agape is the ancient Greek word for love and in Freemasonry the term signifies a meal eaten in common by Masons as a token of our Brotherly Love for one another.

We purposely take a longer time before initiation and also in between degrees; this is for education of the candidate and to better inculcate our Masonic truths and ideals. A Chamber of Reflection is a prelude to the initiation ceremony for the candidate, this provides the opportunity to meditate on the commitment to personal Enlightenment he is about to take. Candidates for affiliation have a requirement to present a paper to the lodge on an area of their Masonic interest before being balloted for acceptance into the lodge.


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